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"For rarely are sons similar to their fathers:

Most are worse, and a few are better." -- Homer

Fathers and Sons: A Fanfic Comm for Kitty and Liz
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This is a journal for fanfiction written by Kitty (thinkatory) and Liz (dramaturgy), known also simply as the singular "Kiz."

Kiz @ Fanfiction.net
Kiz @ FictionAlley.org

In the 1970s, Voldemort terrorized wizarding Britain. He had some help, culled from the ranks of so-called halfbreeds: werewolves. Fenrir Greyback used the Dark Lord’s might, even as he used Fenrir, to achieve his own ends and build a pack with numbers so great they could conquer wizards. In the middle is Remus Lupin, torn between destroying one society and upholding another; the Longbottoms, Aurors in the political machine of Magical Law Enforcement and the Ministry at large and members of the Order of the Phoenix; and the Curentons, a family of activists who have suffered at Fenrir’s hands and continue their work even as they are rebuilding their lives.

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