January 3rd, 2009

[ASOIAF] Sansa faceless.

Chapter 26 - The First Things

Fic: Fathers and Sons: Chapter 26 - The First Things
Authors: dramaturgy and thinkatory
Rating: Heavy PG-13, R (for violence)
Word count: 6,237
Era: The First War Against Voldemort (1970-1981)
Characters: Remus Lupin, MWPP/L, Fenrir Greyback, many, many others
Chapter Summary: “They don’t know why I’m here. Some of them are so conditioned into being scared of me.” Him. His Father. The Father he’d been welcomed by – no. Fenrir had welcomed something Remus didn’t want to become. A criminal who took children from their families, one who killed and ruled by intimidation. One who didn’t want to just live his life. He looked back up at the house. “This is… I can’t be here.”
Authors' Note: Well, this is is, the final chapter. It's been a wonderful ride and we are glad that you all read it and were hopefully half as amused, entranced, and enamoured as we are. We are hard at work on a sequel and a third story -- codenamed Episode II and Episode III. :) We'll let you know when Episode II is ready for the posting, and hope that you can stick with us! Thank you again! Keep watching for some little things we like to call "DVD Extras." ;)
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